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Passenger Rail interview questions

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which comes first,your family or septa

6 Answers

they tell you there are no wrong answers(yea right)

Naturally Im gona say my family. Im guessing the answer they want is SEPTA??

I remembered that it should be SEPTA because the excellent job will provide for you and your family for ever.

They asked if I would be willing to answer the telephone for people that I did not work for. Port Authority will not hire a receptionist. They also will not install voice mail. If someone calls and you are not at your desk, the call is lost. If you answer the phone for an attorney on the other side of the building, how can you tell if they are there or not?

1 Answer

What are your weaknesses? What are difficult situations that you've been involved in previously?

1 Answer

How do you stay organized?

1 Answer

How many years did I work for NYCTA?

1 Answer

Why are you still in school?

1 Answer

Name a time when you had a problem with a coworker..

1 Answer

Do you have a drivers licence?

1 Answer

What qualifies you for the position better than the other candidates?

1 Answer

what would you react if face with this situation(brawls,arguements,disagrements,street closures,etc.)

1 Answer
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