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What biotechnology do you fee most comfortable?

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My answer, genomics, and is the technology that most interests me. I am comfortable in all life science technologies, but this wasn't the question. If my broad technical expertise was in question, they could have verified this by requesting letters of reference, but they did not.

Do you think you will be able to manage the time constraints in this job? This question came from the chief administrative officer over video conference from the Spokane office, which began with her announcing that the founding partner, Mr. Hayes, was listening in. This was an awkward situation in which I wasn't sure whether to introduce myself or not, so I didn't.

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Do you think you're ready to start with prosecution or writing patent applications?

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Would you be interested in a technical specialist position?

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One of the attorneys asked: Do you write the claims first or the specifications first?

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Why do you want to move from your {big city} to Hartford?

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(paraphrasing) - Describe your decision making process, e.g., how would you decide when is the right time to file a patent application?

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Have you ever had an attorney respond negatively to your comments on their work.

To write a patent claim for something in my graduate thesis.

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