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Patent Attorney was asked...March 17, 2017

Explain your previous job requirements.

3 Answers

I went through my resume with them outlining my skill set and experience. I explained why I left certain jobs after a short amount of time and the conversation flowed well. Less

the salary ... not the first thing in my head

would you recommend working here? did tou get hired? what is the salary range?


If you could be any kind of a tree, what kind of a tree would you be?

2 Answers

This question illustrates just how far off-track GE has gone.

Christmas tree


Questions based on their core values--which not every company has.

2 Answers

Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:

They are looking for answers which demonstrate these core values: authenticity, accountability, innovation, and care. Every company should be researched before the interview to enable the interviewee to respond to these sorts of questions. Even if the caught off-guard by a question, the interviewee can list off the values to show that the initiative was put in. Additionally, saying the words aloud may trigger an answer in the interviewee's mind. Less

describe how a stapler release mechanism works, and describe to parts

1 Answers

A stapler includes two elongated portions connected at one end by a hinge; one elongated portion is moveable between a first position and a second position in relation to the other elongated portion. The portions are in further communication through a spring that can be compressed and decompressed in response to the movement of the first elongated portion between its positions. Less

Aurora Consulting

What is your expected salary

1 Answers

Market rate

Carpmaels & Ransford

It's weird that ice floats on water, why is this?

1 Answers

Why might clients choose to use Carpmaels and Ransford over other firms?

Carpmaels & Ransford

Describe a complex concept that you explained to someone recently?

1 Answers

Describe the different properties of cyclo hexane and benzene


Why don't you have the type of experience that I would like to see on your resume?

1 Answers

Why am I here if that is such a problem?

Haseltine Lake Kempner

What are some of the tasks a patent attorney does?

1 Answers

Produce patent claims for industrial or research interests, research the given field to understand the IP landscape, represent clients in court of law on patent inffringements. Less

Hoffmann Eitle

How does a fridge work

1 Answers

Describe your PhD project. And a lot of thechnical question about it.

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