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These type of interviews always ask things like, How did you handle working with a coworker that didn't like you?

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I haven't experienced that, I am able to get along with or at lease behave in a professional manner with all my coworkers, while I might not be best friends and go out or hang out after work with all my coworkers, I maintain a professional and respectful working relationship with them. It isn't hard to do, its called being an adult and professional. So, how do you answer this, I said just what I wrote here and they questioned my answer. "You have never been in a situation when you didn't like or wasn't liked by a coworker?" No, sorry I haven't, I have been in difficult situations where a coworker didn't show up or didn't do their job, but it didn't mean I didn't like them, it meant I acted in a professional manner, brought the issue to them and discussed it in like an adult, and found a resolution. I go to work to do the best possible job I can, I choose not to participate in the practice of forming personal opinions about my coworkers, rather I choose to behave in a professional manner.

Your response was very professional. Why they didn't hire you is a mystery to me. I have applied for positions with Wellstar several times an all get is a rejection email even though I know I am qualified for the position for which I applied.

Would you be upset if you spent a lot of time completeing a task then were told you needed to do it differently?

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What do you think you can bring to the company?

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Why did you leave your last job?

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Tell me a little about yourself

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The questions were all really difficult, because they interviewer definitely wanted to challenge me.

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How do you deal with a "difficult customer situation"? Describe an instance.

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What was one aspect of your previous job that you didn't like?

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I asked several questions, the most important in my opinion was "Do they work as a team, and are team players.

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Why do you want to work here?

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