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Ochsner Health
Patient Access Representative was asked...January 23, 2019

How do I handle multitasking in the work place?

11 Answers

and be responsible with your job be on time

do your job according you leaned

I do like to work as a team

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Mount Sinai Health System

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why did you apply ? Why do I think I'll be a good fit

5 Answers

Strength is helping

I like to take care of pacient

Please consider me I am a very hard worker

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Wellstar Health System

Would you be upset if you spent a lot of time completeing a task then were told you needed to do it differently?

4 Answers

No, but it's not personal it's just work. I hope that I would ask enough questions to make sure we were on the same page so that the results were as expected. Less

I answered: Yes, I might feel a little defeated that my knee-jerk implementation to completing a task satisfactorily was inadequate. But there is a light at the tunnel with an initial reaction like that-- it forces you to think a different way than before. You gain more than one experience in executing a task. Less

Not at all. I'm a huge advocate of process improvement. If there's a way that I can improve what I do, I want to know about it. Less

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Rothman Institute

Why would you like to work for Rothman?

5 Answers

One of my first jobs was at Presbyterian hospital. I worked registering patients for 8 speciallty clinics. One was an orthopedic clinic. I loved the interaction with the patients as well as the physicians and staff there. They closed and I in pursuit of finding a position that can utilize my experiences gained. Less

One of my very first jobs I worked at involved 7 clinics that I registered patients at in a hospital setting. This included an Orthopedic practice. I would love to offer my experiences gained within my years of working as receptionist/biller as well as the interaction I had with the patients, physicians, nurses, and staff. Less

I feel I would be very compassionate towards each patient understanding the pain people go through before surgery. My husband had two hip surgeries. For me to witness first hand, my husband was able to live life to its fullest without any pain. Less

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Halifax Health Medical Center

What was something you didn’t like at pervious job?

4 Answers


So I just got an offer for a position at this hospital and I know this is kind of a weird question but do you know if they screen for cigarettes? I've already quit I just wasn't expecting to start anything this soon. I know some hospitals do and others don't but I just feel like it's an awkward question to ask HR about lol. Thanks and congratulations on the new job! Less

They ask alot of questions but I don’t believe they screen for nicotine

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Our Lady of the Lake Health

If a coworker came up to you and started to tell you somethings about another worker how would You handle that?

4 Answers

It is not appropriate to discuss co-workers, but if this is a work situation, the supervisor would be more appropriate to discuss this matter. Less

Answer #2 is more appropriate because there should never be discussion about a co-worker in the office area . Also it not any other workers busuness and it does not encourage team work. Less

If further discussion is indicated it should be purely confidential and only include the involved employee and supervisor Less

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Wellstar Health System

These type of interviews always ask things like, How did you handle working with a coworker that didn't like you?

4 Answers

I usually get along with all my co-workers but in the event that there is one that seems to be disenchanted with me, I would keep it professional when we are at company functions during work hours. I would try to assess why they were upset me. I would apologize if necessary to keep the lines of communication open and be a team player. It might just have been the tone of an email that needed clarification. Less

Your response is a great example of being able to remain professional.

I haven't experienced that, I am able to get along with or at lease behave in a professional manner with all my coworkers, while I might not be best friends and go out or hang out after work with all my coworkers, I maintain a professional and respectful working relationship with them. It isn't hard to do, its called being an adult and professional. So, how do you answer this, I said just what I wrote here and they questioned my answer. "You have never been in a situation when you didn't like or wasn't liked by a coworker?" No, sorry I haven't, I have been in difficult situations where a coworker didn't show up or didn't do their job, but it didn't mean I didn't like them, it meant I acted in a professional manner, brought the issue to them and discussed it in like an adult, and found a resolution. I go to work to do the best possible job I can, I choose not to participate in the practice of forming personal opinions about my coworkers, rather I choose to behave in a professional manner. Less

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Fresenius Medical Care

What do you think makes a business successful?

4 Answers

Interview on11/25/2019

Employees that love their jobs.

We all must help each in times of need and happily doing it.

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Mayo Clinic

How do you handle someone who is angry about a bill?

3 Answers

Listen, be empathetic, and reflective. Discuss solutions

Listen to their complaint and explain how the billing works. If there is some part of the billing issue that there is confusion about and how you can resolve it. Less

First try to calm the situation,, explain to her the breakdown of whatever he/she has been charged, secondly try and make a reasonable discount on the bill Less

Novant Health

How do you deal with difficult people.

3 Answers

You try to reason with them for you to come to an agreement

You use communication skills to sweet-talk them for them to do what you want

You first understand the person, their level and direction of thinking

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