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How would you deal with telling a customer no?

8 Answers

I wouldn't tell them no bluntly, I would understand their request and then talk to the nurse in charge, telling them what the patient thinks he/she might need.

Well, you never say "no" to a customer. I would just offer alternative solutions. Example, if they want fresh peaches and we don’t have them, offer the frozen ones or maybe even canned ones?

I would never tell a customer no I feel it is the managers job. The customer is always right

Your degree is in an unrelated field. It seems like you started going down a certain path. What made you want to get into this field and why did you change your career goals?

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Why isn’t human Resources Department not asking the manager why they have not hired the applicant what is the reason?

2 Answers

In my exit interview I was asked to give a statement on the company. I told them I had far too much respect for the customers to treat them they way this company was asking me to. 'For Profit' Healthcare only cares about their bottom line and not the health of their customers or their employees.

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What makes you a good fit for the position

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can you train tomorrow during the day?

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If you were scheduled to go to lunch at one o clock and couldn't leave until 2 would that bother you?

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Just standard STAR method questions, especially patient/customer centered ones, and/or problem solving. May be different for higher level positions like nursing.

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How often have you called out of work in the last 6 months

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How I could contribute to the unit; How well I could handle conflict (detailed response expected); how would I handle a medication error; Why did I want to work for Mayo

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