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Mayo Clinic
Patient Care Technician In 1998/Staff Nurse In May 2000 (Same Unit, Same Nurse Manager) was asked...May 9, 2015

How I could contribute to the unit; How well I could handle conflict (detailed response expected); how would I handle a medication error; Why did I want to work for Mayo

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I am a task oriented person and I know that i can do whatever you want me to do. My cognition towards the skill set you require says a lot that me being a good candidate. I can give my hard work to the organization and can carry organizations goal to a different level. And at the same time that will enhance my capabilities in the sector. Less

How well I could handle conflict

College Hospitals

Experience, Scenarios and a set of questionnaires in form of a text.

1 Answers

Dealing with a given scenario and how I would deal with it?


How do you deal with Conflict with in the workplace?

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I felt this question was indicative of the many complaints on Glassdoor.

Morrison Healthcare

tell me about yourself

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I am focused on service and quality, I am a leader in team building, and I am detail oriented Less

Robert Half

What type of practice is Evolved Science? Are you responsible for billing and is medical coding involved? Do you order prescriptions on behalf of the medical physicians? How much interaction do you have with patients? What is your salary requirement? Do you currently have 401K and good health benefits? Are you willing to work in a private office or willing to also work in a hospital?

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Evolved Science is a Concierge/Wellness care practice honed to balance hormones bio-identically, build a rapport and connection with each patient to best keep their health at an optimal level. Yes, I order prescriptions on medical physicians behalf, when it is required. Yes, I'm responsible for billing, however, our practice does not accept health insurance of any kind. Invoices reflect ICD & CPT codes to be submitted by patient to their health insurance carrier for reimbursement. I implemented placing the codes on each invoice so our patients can submit to health insurance carrier. I interact with most of the patients as I am responsible for the check out process and also responsible to reiterate the regimen the medical physician has prescribed to each patient, which can consist from medication, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle (diet). My salary requirement at this time is $65K. No, I don't have a 401K nor a good health benefits plan. Yes, I'm willing to work in a private practice or hospital/lab. Less


How did you deal with Attendance?

Park Nicollet Health Services

Explain a time when you dealt with conflict between a peer/coworker?


Tell me about a negative misperception someone would have of you


Take me through your resume


What’s your greatest accomplishment from high school, college, and in your professional career

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