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What experience I would be bringing to the table?

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20 years of experience in healthcare with the USAF. I have a Bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration.

How would you handle someone who was upset?

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Will you work for $6.90 an hour? This was a tricky question bc with shift differential of $1.00, it put you above minimum wage, but made a strange rule that we could never work day shift because they'd be paying less than minimum wage, which is illegal. My coworkers and I enjoyed patient care, and thought the job was important enough to work for peanuts. (Many employees and managers commented that they believed the job should be volunteer only, and resented the paid staff, however, when they tried volunteers they found they left quickly the first time they were attacked by a patient. The Security Guards are quick, but injuries are part of the job.)

What can you bring to this hospital? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Should a problem occur, what would you do to solve it? If you don't know the anwer to the question, how would you find the answer?

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