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Would you be upset if you spent a lot of time completeing a task then were told you needed to do it differently?

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No, but it's not personal it's just work. I hope that I would ask enough questions to make sure we were on the same page so that the results were as expected.

To the person who wrote the review. I had the same thing happen to me when I was interviewed. HR said they should have had a recruiter call first. They never did. I never dealt with HR recruiting until I was never told the outcome of my interview though I prompted as such after three weeks of waiting post interview. I thanked all I met with and never heard back other than "You're Welcome!" You invested time, research and faith in applying. You deserved better treatment. This type of behavior from those who conduct this sort of hiring interview make the entire company look TERRIBLE. Hiring is one of their front lines and if those who are hiring cannot extend the same courtesy and respect they want from prospective employees, they create a facade of poor reputation. When I read your experience, I thought I had written it myself. About six months post interview, I met a fellow university student who recounted the exact same experience. She later told me that unless you know someone who personally refers you, they will laugh off online applicants and the only reason most get an interview is to meet hiring quota and EEO requirements. This is one hell of a terrible way to treat applicants and I for one, will not use any of their heath related businesses for my family nor will I recommend them to anyone. Look at some of the scandals the company (via google) has been associated with over the years. If it is bad at the top, the rest tends to fall as well. So much for QA indicators.

Not at all. I'm a huge advocate of process improvement. If there's a way that I can improve what I do, I want to know about it.

If you were a super hero what powers would you have?

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Describe a time when you had to do two things at once and be successful at them.

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What are your weaknesses

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If I minded working alone?

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Did I have any medical background. Did I know what the word "copay" means, "coinsurance," etc etc.

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She asked me what I would change about myself when it came to working.

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How do you handle stress?

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Tell me about yourself?

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How you describe yourself and then the follow up questions. Be prepared to give real-life examples of the way you describe yourself. If you say you are good at peace-making and conflict resolution, they will ask you to tell some actual events that show this. If you say you are willing to work overtime, tell some examples of when you did.

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