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Patient Transporter was asked...April 26, 2019

How have you dealt with difficult coworkers in the past?

3 Answers

I don't allow myself to be baited into a fight. I will privately mention to a manager or supervisor what is going on, and allow them to handle it if need be. And try to do my job and mind my own business. Less

I try to be as diplomatic as possible. But ultimately, I will let my manager deal with it. I have had situations where my manager was unwilling to confront the problem, and wanted to confide in me about it. Who is in charge? Less

Challenge them


Can you pass a drug test

2 Answers



H Influencer

Why Did You Choose Barnes Jewish Hospital

2 Answers

I Was Looking For Stability And Wanted To Get Familiar With The Enviorment

I wants to get more experience with working in a hospital. I also want to be able to put this on my resume when I apply for med school. Less

Garnet Health Medical Center

Why did you want to work for their hospital?

2 Answers

I plan to work in a hospital in the future

I love the environment


Will I be able to show up for my shift on time everyday

2 Answers



Summa Health System

Why did you want this job

1 Answers

Because I'm in school to get my RN.


My employment history.

1 Answers

I explain my history.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare

What makes you think you are right?

1 Answers

I am very good with people

St. Luke's Health System

Please go over the responsibilities of "one of your" jobs

1 Answers

Went over the responsibilities. Know what is written on your resume as the HR has it in front them. Less

Henry Ford Health

Why do you want to be a transporter.

1 Answers

Something new and different.

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