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Are you good at working in a team?

2 Answers

You may want to mention what part you like to play in a team though; it's a great chance to explain that you're a natural leader.

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What experience do you have with payroll?

1 Answer

Have you managed the entire payroll process from start to finish?

1 Answer

What would you do if on your first day you came in and had 60 emails and 20 voice mails and the phone was ringing off the hook?

1 Answer

Have you ever had to terminate anyone and how did you handle it?

1 Answer

How do you answer the employees complaining about their paychecks not correct?

1 Answer

Everyone was kind in the interviews. They have FOX NEWS playing in the lobby while waiting for your appointment which was rather daunting. i.e. "How can I ever work for someone with a FOX NEWS brainwashed mentality. That part was the scariest of all. They make you take a basic accounting principals written exam and then a 'Personality / Culture Examination' They won't tell you but I guess I failed the culture exam because after round 3 of interviews with the CEO and Board, they loved me but after the 'Culture Exam' I didn't hear back for a month. They did low ball the pay rate during discussion. In the end, I am happy that I wasn't selected. You see, my neighbor watches FOX NEWS religiously and we get into some heated arguments... I cannot imagine keeping my mouth shut when the CEO is of the same mindset. If you really want to work for them, learn how to cheat on the personality / culture fit exam.

3 Answers

How do you handle situations where others are frustrated or upset, referring to the travelers you would work with in the case when something went wrong.

2 Answers

"Do have any questions for us?" they must have asked me this 3 times and were really interested in me interviewing them.

2 Answers

The interview questions were mostly questions that wanted me to explain situations where I made mistakes. I felt they were looking more for faults to weed people out than good qualities.

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