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Artificial Grass Liquidators
Payroll & Benefits Administrator was asked...January 6, 2019

If I was a certified for a specific payroll

1 Answers

No that I was not, but I had experience.

Artificial Grass Liquidators

When could I start?

1 Answers

Right away.

David Aplin Group

What did you study at the College?

2 Answers

I explained that I did a major in Accounting and Payroll whats had allowed me to get a good base to start working here in Canada and I explained as well about my skills that I believed could help. Less

Business management


What would my idea work set up be

1 Answers

I said that Id like to have a manager who is approachable and a team that get along well Less


What kind of manager I liked to work with.

1 Answers

someone that trusted the person they were hiring knew what they were doing and let them do it. They would check in with them but not micro mange them. Less

Terracon Geotechnique

What am looking for in terms of employment and future personal/professional growth?

1 Answers

• Plan and evaluate new projects, consulting with other engineers and managers as necessary • Prepare proposals and budgets, analyze labor costs, write reports, and perform other managerial tasks • Supervise the work of technologists, technicians, and other engineers and scientists • Design and direct the testing of processing procedures • Monitor how materials perform and evaluate how they deteriorate • Determine causes of product failure and develop ways of overcoming such failure • Evaluate technical specifications and economic factors relating to the design objectives of processes or products • Evaluate the impact of materials processing on the environment Less


What is making you leave your current position?

1 Answers

I wanted to work with a smaller company that was more team oriented. I also did not want to be a number any longer, I wanted to work somewhere that coworkers knew my name. Less


What made me suitable for the job?

1 Answers

My experience in various roles within the Payroll organization.


What would I bring to the team?

1 Answers

A positive attitude, strong work ethic and extensive knowledge.


Do you work best in groups or alone?

1 Answers


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