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iProcess Online
Payroll/Human Resources Administrative/Accountant was asked...March 28, 2019

What kind of experience do you have with payroll?

1 Answers

I don't have much experience with payroll.


Asked about my experience and the ability to stay during payroll deadlines, until work was done.

1 Answers

I have a lot of experience processing payroll and have a understand the importance of staying until a job is done, especially to meet deadlines. Less

Brink's, Incorporated

Have you ever taken anything from your previous employer even a pencil?

1 Answers


EPAM Systems

When you do not meet deadline during your reporting what do you do?

1 Answers

I answered as an example of my previous working place, that when I did not meet deadline I contacted my line manager and agreed with him that report would be sent next day. Less

LL Roberts Group

I was not really interviewed, since I already knew the owners and had worked in the industry we basically discussed the position and how to move forward if I were to accept the job.

1 Answers

We just discussed the best way to transition from the former payroll director to me being put in that position and the positive or negative situations that could occur during that transition. Less


What are some challenges you have over come.

1 Answers

Basically talked about problems I encountered and how I resolved them.

Robert Half

They wanted me to actually become a recruiter for them. Mostly wanted to know how I get along with people in general.

1 Answers

I get along with everyone.

Brink's, Incorporated

Are you available for full time work

1 Answers


Barnwell School District

Do you have the ambition to go further in your career?

1 Answers

I am a very ambitious individual and I am looking for a career I can prosper at. I am looking to advance my career in any way possible. Less


Take me through a typical work day.

1 Answers

My days are not fully scheduled like many accountants. I explained many of the projects/calculations I work on throughout the year. Less

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