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DCH Health System
Pca was asked...September 10, 2015

How do you think you would be an asset to our company?

2 Answers

Just state your experience in heath field and state your strengths

I have applied for several positions with DCH in Tuscaloosa and Northport. I received a call on the Sept 13th for a background authorization for a PCA position, haven't heard anything back yet. Can you give me some feedback, i really would appreciate it. Less

University Hospitals of Cleveland

Typical behavioral interview questions

2 Answers

Ok like what??

I am in the very beginning stages of interviewing for an executive secretary position. I have a phone interview scheduled for next week. I'd love to know what type of behavioral questions are asked in both the phone interview and the in-person interview. Thanks!!! Less

LHC Group
Pca was asked...January 11, 2017

Why do I want to work for LHC

2 Answers

Because LHC is a highly motivated company interested in growth. Reading from the beginning on how they got started was just “”WOW””. I want to work for LHC. As a PTA with 30 years experience I home health care. Even through the ups and downs. Mergers etc. i would be a great candidate but can not get interview. Except one that was tremendous 6 weeks ago. Still three openings and I have not had full time employment. Only prn which is difficult to make ends meet. I have gone through the 8 month. Savings to keep afloat For house payments. Etc. but nothing has happened. Except I’m doin to lose my home. Amazing. Great experience. Openings in my career. And no one considers giving you a chance. Oh. And being single doesn’t help. I’m drowning ... Less

I stated because I love working with people and want to help keep them in home and cared for. I stated my passion is people and I love a new challenge. I also stated I have heard plenty of great things about LHC and my passion for people I feel I would be a good candidate for the position. Less

Norton Healthcare

The same questions you are always asked at interviews

2 Answers

Hi, Did you ever get a call back? I am curently going through the same thing.

I did and I got another interview as a nursing assistant. I got the job of course, but it was about a month long process. However I was interviewing with baptist at the same time and i decided to go with them instead. They pay more and it is a way better hospital. DONT GIVE UP!!! I thought that was the worse interview of my life. That girl did not like me for some reason but she must have seen something in me she liked. Good luck. Less

Americare Senior Living
Pca was asked...March 10, 2017

Why I wanted to be a PCA.

2 Answers

To help residents and families in any way

To help give my help to the elderly

Catholic Health
Pca was asked...June 26, 2012

Why would you say you are qualified for this job?

2 Answers

I know this was in the past but I was curious did you do the training through them or elsewhere? If you did it through them, what was it like and all the specific details about what time and how long they were each day and all Less

Education, experience

Waterbury Hospital
Pca was asked...April 25, 2019

What you would do when handling a patient who is agitated?

2 Answers

Remain Calm. When dealing with trying patients, the best approach is to remain calm. Engage in Conversation. Try to draw out the patient's feelings by engaging in conversation. Be Empathetic. One of the quickest ways to calm an angry or difficult patient is by being empathetic. Avoid Arguing. ... Set Boundaries. ... Shake it Off. Less

Do not upset them more, approach at a later time.

Northwell Health
Pca was asked...July 10, 2015

Tell me about your current job what do you do.

2 Answers

I gave detail about my position


University Hospital (Cincinnati)
Pca was asked...October 21, 2017

How did you hear about this job

1 Answers

heard from a friend

The Hospitals of Providence
Pca was asked...May 25, 2018

Can you work cheap, on all shifts

1 Answers

Depends on the wage

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