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Premier Health
Pct was asked...October 11, 2015


3 Answers

very well

Can you answer what is on the PCT test you take before the interview?

What kind of questions are on the test the day of the interview?

The Little Clinic
Pct was asked...July 4, 2017

What would you do if a box was delivered

2 Answers

I would open it and distribute the contents immediately

I would open the box and distribute the contents. If the box has ice packs those. Red checked in and out away first Less

Pct was asked...October 22, 2015

I did a phone interview first asking me what I was looking for. I then set up an interview. I was asked general questions about work history.

2 Answers

Longterm, career and advancement

I gave a brief work history

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

How would you solve this or that

2 Answers

I was honest about past experiences

I was honest about past experience

Saint Thomas Health
Pct was asked...August 17, 2018

How well I worked as a team

2 Answers

What kind of drug test ? Was it a urine sample ?

Very well

Fresenius Medical Care - North America
Pct was asked...October 5, 2017

Why here?

2 Answers

I was informed this was a wonderful company to advance in and has really great benefits Less

Did you interview at the beginning of August or more so the end? The reason why I asked is because I interview in August to and my recruiter informed me I have the job and would call me back once she gets my offer letter this have been the longest process ever with a job but I’m holding on mines is going to be at the Harker Heights location. You have any tips for me because I’m starting to worry she told me I was gone start November 6 class but then took it back because my offer letter wasn’t in yet. Less

Wellmont Health System
Pct was asked...March 17, 2017

Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

I told them about myself and how my lifestyle includes healthcare

Sparrow Health System
Pct was asked...February 20, 2018

You are asked to complete a skill you don't know how to do, how do you proceed?

1 Answers

Do yourself a huge favor and stay away from Sparrow. They are messed up. No leadership at the top. A good cleansing is needed there. Only after that is done would it be worth considering Sparrow. Less

Adventist HealthCare
Pct was asked...July 16, 2016

What happens if a patient yells at you? Would you take.it.personally?

1 Answers

I would act calm.and do not.take.ot personally. I unserstand that patients in hospitals are not in their dully capacities also they go under stress and pain. So we have to give them.support and just understand their situation. I will tell my.supervisor and leave the patient alone until.he/ she calms.down Less

Noland Health Services
Pct was asked...July 14, 2017

Have you ever had a full time job?

1 Answers


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