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Describe a time you had a problem with a client and how you solved it.

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They want to hear you can go the extra mile to fix a situation or to make a customer happy.

What is your customer service philosophy?

What would keep you at Milliman for the next 2 years?

There were no difficult question, neither was there anything unexpected. The Managers who interviewed me spent most of the time speaking about their experiences in the company so I didn't have to talk much.

How do you see your specific background fitting into this position and the requirements that go along with it?

The questions were typical interview questions based on subject matter, personality, experience, etc. I felt very comfortable answering any and all questions. They had other analysts come in to ask me if I had remembered this or that subject of pension, but they were just pulled in to get more buy in (I could tell they were not the most equipped at handling interviews).

How do you handle other individuals hardships such as death or disability? In what way do you asist them?

All the questions were related to my experience so there really weren't any difficult questions.

Please try to be as detailed as possible regarding the technical question, business case, etc.

What do you bring to job

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