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how many basketball can you fit in this room

26 Answers

Depends ... should we assume they're inflated?

Determine the volume of the room. For example if the room is 10ftx10ftx10ft the volume would be 1000ft cubed. The average mens basketball has a diameter of 25cm. There is approximately 30cm in a foot. Therefor you could fit one inflated basketball in a 1 foot cubed space. Therefor you could fit 1000 inflated basketballs inside a room with a volume of 1000 ft cubed. If we can deflate the basketballs and flatten them down to one inch thick, this would allow us to place 12 flattened basketballs in a 1 foot cubed space. Therefore you could fit 12,000 basketballs in a room with a volume of 1000 ft cubed. It would be more complicated depending on the shape of the room but the process for figuring out the solution would be the same.

Actually, what you want to do is figure out the ratio of the diameter of the basketball to a full foot. Basketballs are 10 inches, and 10 is .8333 of 12. Remember that, then figure out the volume of the room by multiplying height by width by length---divide this number by .8333. BAM. So, if its a room of 12 x 10 x 8, you get a volume of 960. Divide by .8333. 1152 is your answer. And this will get it quickly.

If you could have you ideal dream job, what would it be?

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How have your experiences shaped your ability to work and lead a team?

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How many people do you think Google screens every week ? How many people do you think in year?

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Tell me about your experiences.

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What do you know about Medallia?

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A fair amount of case studies and inbox exercise.

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Why are you here?

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Describe you process for implementing a strategy?

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Why Bowery?

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