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You enter a company, it has got a lot of bottlenecks/ issues. there is not direction how will you work on process improvement intiative from scratch to finsh

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1. Plan the intiative - understand objective, gather existing info, build high level process blocks, if possible break them into smaller subsets, identify SME list for each process area, Come up with a tool to use, come up with methodology/ standards/ guidelines for process modeling. 2. Execute - Schedule workshops, Conduct work shops, Map the AS IS state if not present, talk to bottleneck/ delays. Come up with furture state. Circulate the models, get feedback from SMS and sign off 3. Implement - depends if IT will implement a system or its pure change management. 4. Monitor the process adherece, maintain if required

Skills interview. Difference between different modeling languages

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No unexpected questions this time, although when I first interviewed at the Bank (many, many years ago), I was asked if I knew how to 2-step.

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How did you troubleshoot. How do you prioritize work. Confllict Handling.

I never expected the cases on the assessment day to be this non-technical and generic. Just be advised.

Your friend has a restaurant downtown, his business is currently doing bad. However, the business next door seems to be doing ok. How would you help your friend to figure out a way to bounce back?

What were my skills, my experiences and my status

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Be prepared to have to dive deep into your resume. They are looking for example of past experiences to determine how well you can explain it and relate it to the position they're looking to fill. Show how you can relate to potential client needs. No business case was presented.

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