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Performance Manager was asked...March 17, 2016

Taking about your experience in the industry as performance manager.

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Rasalkhaima cement factory work at production area

Rasalkhaima cement factory work at the production area skills laver


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Would you be available to speak this week? (probably followed by evil laugh in private considering what happened next)

4 Answers

Hello, thanks for taking the time to leave a review as we appreciate feedback from all our candidates. Firstly we apologise for the negative experience you’ve had with our recruitment process. There has been a miscommunication regarding the nature of the phone call, it should not have been called an interview as it’s more of a discussion about your expectations for employment. We have passed this feedback on to our Recruitment team and have updated our guidelines to be more clear about the intentions of our phone calls in future. Less

Hi! I think you’ve missed my point a little there. I understand that it was a screening call but you made an appointment. I made sure that my child is away during this time so I can speak in peace. If you agree a time you either make the call or you cancel. What your employee has done is disrespectful. The nature of the call is beside the point. Less

And the fact he did it twice. Shocking.

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Interviewer did not ask any difficult questions, but seem to focus on the job being more of a clerical position.

3 Answers

I expressed my superior clerical skills, especially as an Operations, distribution and logistics person. However in the end, he was truly looking for an administrative person to assist him in presenting reports to top management. Less

Yes air

Yes sir


1) Exercise on Net Present Value: with also a short exercise. 2) How many degrees are there when the time indicates 11:45? The answer is not 90 degrees (the indicator on 12 is slightly before so you have to calculate)

2 Answers

82.5 degrees

82.5?? More like 60 degrees


Describe your approach to managing staff.

1 Answers

force staff to take a first attempt at work activity with little or no guidance - discuss results/ approach with them then provide guidance. Make yourself highly approachable be available for coaching. Assess each individual's skill set, strengths. Tailor role to provide development opportunities and challenges. Less

Dealer Inspire

Do you like soccer or American football? If you are in line at CVS and a person with more than 10 articles is in the express line. Do you say anything about it?

2 Answers

What were you asking vs what they were offering?

I like American Football I would let that person go.

Expert Systems

Do you have any questions about the company?

2 Answers

Dear candidate, thank you for taking the time to write a review about your experience during our recruiting process. I fully understand, that you are disappointed for not being chosen. is not group of companies or so big, that we only send emails to candidates we would like get to know better. And sometimes it's better to make a phone call to arrange an interview via telephone instead of sending 4 emails back and forth. Because candidates who are looking for a job mostly do a research about the company, if they do care where they want to work. So, to save your time I just asked you about your questions to the company. The aptitude test is not provided by a yoga company. It was developed by the 2 American psychologists. Because the personal fit and the team work is very important for us. This is why we are using this test. Also to give you the safety that your potential future colleagues are a good fit for you. One reason, you are not selected could be, there were other candidates who would be a better fit according to cultural fit, experience and expectations. We understand, that you are interested in the reason for the rejection e-mail. Unfortunately, we cannot explain the exact reasons of the rejection to everyone due to the vast amount of applications, that we receive. Often there are minimal qualification differences, which are decisive in order to continue in our recruiting process. We would like to thank you for the interest in our company and the efforts you have made. We also wish you all the best and much success for your further professional career. Kind regards, Sabine Sandig HR Manager Recruiting & Talent Development Less

Well, with so many candidates as you say, spending so many hours completing that great test, I think the least you can do is sharing the results with the candidate and feedback. I am sure with GDPR compliance, you must share them if this is required by the candidates. It is ok if they are not selected, but it is not fair to have so many candidates spending so many hours for something that will only be beneficial for you. That says a lot on your company values. The way you do the process may be correct. The way you don't think how you give back to society and applicants it is not. If you are not willing to compensate people for their time, maybe you shouldn't be asking candidates to spend so many hours. It is not only about "you are disappointed for not being selected"... if you think on the overall experience, maybe they wouldn't have chosen your company later in the process...the times where only companies choose are ending, and you are very well aware. And by the way, I didn't write this review, but I fully agree with it. Less

OneTouch Direct

Why do I want to work there?

2 Answers

What value I could bring?

Don't work there!!

Ocado Group

Why did you apply to this role?

2 Answers

I want to apply this job. Because this my profession and also this country is standard work/prepare work. Less

Competency based questions (basic ones)

Target Solutions

Não tiveram perguntas porque o entrevistador não apareceu.

1 Answers

Não teve resposta porque o entrevistador não entrevistou.

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