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Interviewer did not ask any difficult questions, but seem to focus on the job being more of a clerical position.

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I expressed my superior clerical skills, especially as an Operations, distribution and logistics person. However in the end, he was truly looking for an administrative person to assist him in presenting reports to top management.

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scenario: you are in a room with three light switches, 50 yards away is a building with three rooms (no windows). how do you figure out which light switch goes to which light bulb only going to the other building one time?

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There were no difficult questions. It was mostly a download session about internal shrink and long hours of work with little help.

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What is the lowest percentage that a slot machine can hold at in the state of Pennsylvania?

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... "How many credit cards do you have?" ...

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Tell me about yourself? Why do you want to work here? What experience do you have? What would you do to change and help the facility?

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The recruiter was great and asked the basic pre-screen questions regarding my experience. The situational interviewer located in Chicago asked "have you ever and what if" questions. She provided feedback that indicated that out of the box experiences were highly valued. I Googled the situational questions and had them in front of me during the interview and this helped a great deal. However, the 3rd interviewer (Sr. Manager of HR), was very challenging. I could not understand the questions that he presented due to a very heavy accent and stuttering impediment. This interview placed me at a disadvantage because I could not understand the questions at all and it was conducted via phone. I took notes while he was speaking and I was able to pick up every few words. This was extremely difficult and I asked that the questions be repeated. I am a seasoned professional and this was something that I was not prepared to deal with. I received a call 2 days later from the recruiter that they would move forward with other candidates. I was perfectly OK with that due to the extensive travel and non-competitive pay.

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What gives you an advantage over all other applicants for this job?

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why should we hire you

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