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Performing Arts interview questions

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She asked specific questions about how I would put together a wine list for the restaurant / club.

2 Answers

Assembling a wine list for a business requires you to be involved with the establishment. As I was not working there and not intimately familiar with the menu or clientele, I felt that my answer was somewhat generic.

let me tell you how you would build a list for HOB and Foundation Room, you dont! They do it at a corporate level for $ kick-backs and send you an email with your mandated wines. you dodged a bullet, working for them was fun except for the lack of creative free range allowed at any level.

How long do you expect to stay with our company?

1 Answer

none - this was a very simple interview to verify my skills and experience for the position

1 Answer

I wouldn't say the questions were difficult but they definitely made you think. First there was a phone screen after weeks of applying then I had to create a proposal on two questions that were asked.

1 Answer

If I was punctual

1 Answer

There weren't any particular difficult or unexpected questions, but they did ask me to describe my level of technical experience (knowing I was coming from a tech sales position).

1 Answer

Have you designed equipment which was water tight? What components of ours are you interested in?

1 Answer

What is your background in Music?

1 Answer

The interview was more of a discussion. We spoke about my experiences at my previous employers and what I was able to achieve. And what I could bring to my new position.

1 Answer

Taking a skills test given by the GM at my side, overlooking my work...but she was very professional and actually nice, throughout.

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