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she picked up a pen and said "how would you sell this pen?"

3 Answers

"our products are not so mundane"

I was also asked to sell a pen to my interviewer after talking about my sales skills. The interviewer kept insisting that he had a meeting to go to (brush off tactic). My sales presentation wasn't up to their par apparently (the interviewer told me so right away), so I asked to be coached (trying to show my willingness to learn). The answer they're looking for works something like this: 1) You try to sell interviewer pen 2) Interviewer brushes you off 3) Be persistent! Keep trying to sell the pen 4) Brush off continues 5) Make sure that the interviewer (pen customer) knows that their time is important to you and that you will leave a sample pen for them to test out and come by in a few days to follow up with the potential client Persistence is the key, as well as follow up. I believe after asking to be coached that this is what they're looking for.

I am actually shocked at how many candidates had this question. I didn't have it in my PB interview. I would answer that my expectations of this position don't necessarily involve the same skill set to selling a commodity like a common pen. The PB position is about identifying customer needs and presenting suitable, appropriate solutions. Discussing selling a pen, to me, is too generalized and does not adequately allow the interviewer and interviewee to explore the specific skills geared toward the consultative approach necessary to be successful in this position. If I were a hiring branch manager, I would not ask this question.

what do you think is the most important part of sales

5 Answers

What is your weakness?

3 Answers

She asked right off the bat how much I was expecting to get paid if an offer was made. Most of the time that question is more towards the end.

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Asked me to sell something in the room to them.

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Why do you want to work here?

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If you were so successful at your previous job why do you want coming here ?

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What is the primary source of getting sales from customers.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answer

what is the main reason you want to work for our company

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