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Security Personnel was asked...November 28, 2015

What you will do if there is a small fire in your post?

7 Answers

I will extinguish the fire if am comfortable enough to handle it if not I will call to civil defence and also call to my supervisor or site manager and I will try to all the people go to a safe palace frome fired area Less

My capa bule iam off the fire not capable on the fire allaram and calining security oficer. Next capable. Iam. All materialsremoved the fire side Less

Fast cleaning the all gas line. Removed the all material fair side. Capable iam youse the fire extinguisher not capable pus the allaram buten. Call the securite oficer Less

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US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Where do you plan to be in five years? Can you get a security clearance?

1 Answers

No comment.

Missionary Training Center

How do your future plans play into role with this job?

1 Answers

My Information Systems requires one to pay attention to details which I need to do as a security personnel. Less

GEM Technology

Are you willing and able to work in downtown DC?

1 Answers


Jewish United Fund

How would you conduct or compose an annual-review?

1 Answers

This seemed like a 'gotcha' question that had no basis for the job as described, nor did it offer any insight as to what the 'big picture' would be in the context of the project and department structure. I also felt that the job was not being marketed as what was advertised Less


How my background could apply to the open position.

1 Answers

Provided examples of my skills and expertise.

National Renewable Energy Lab

If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be and why? (yes, seriously)

1 Answers

Not very well...

GAP Solutions, Inc. (GAPSI)

Tell me about a time when you had to overcome a tasks.

1 Answers

I told a anecdotal .

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Why do you want to work for FBI? What skills can you bring to use?

1 Answers

During my time at Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency as Community Supervision Assistant learned about assembled documents and composed and signed routine correspondence in response to inquiries. Screened and referred telephone calls and visitors including all levels of the government, private sector, and the public; maintained supervisor's calendar and schedule. Scheduled appointments and made commitments for supervisor. Served as a timekeeper for automated time and attendance systems (National Finance Center), entered and tracked annual leave in the system and generate reports at specific periods of the year and by request. Maintain time, leave and attendance records. Entered data into time and attendance system and corrected leave at the request of employees and supervisors, have I entered all the holiday and administrative leave data into the system and resolved discrepancies with the system administrator. Less

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