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How do you handle angry customers

2 Answers

stay cool and patient. say sorry to custimers if me make mistake. keep give the best service. keep humble and positive

Listen good ,make him trust with me ,show him good solve with very fast solutions

What do you want from us?

1 Answer

If you could be doing anything in life, right now, What would you be doing?

1 Answer

Can you handle working outside in the summer?

1 Answer

It was about a year ago, so I can only recall a few questions. Some of them were about if I can handle finding pests, be in a tight attic, even get dirty in a crawlspace, or even be on a 16-foot ladder. They asked about my background and driving record. Also, at the time, if I was willing to take a pesticide license test since I didn't have one.

1 Answer

Why I left my last job

1 Answer

How do you feel about selling?

1 Answer

Tell me about the time you had a difficulty with a fellow employee or customer.

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