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Do you own any pets?

3 Answers

Are you scared of dogs or cats?

Currently, no. Unfortunately I moved from another country. I placed my former pets in reliable care. I owned a white front amazon and 2 red eared sliders.

I do! I have X amount of cats currently, but I've kept various birds and aquarium environments for several years. I have never in my entire life been without a pet.

Have you ever had pets

2 Answers

If an animal died while under your care, what would you do?

2 Answers

I suppose the hardest one would be to sell this Buzzer to her. Tell her why she should buy it.

2 Answers

What special skills do you have that would be useful in this job?

2 Answers

Give me a situation where you didn't know the answer to a question?

1 Answer

What is your availability?

1 Answer

What would make this job unpleasant for you? (I'm paraphrasing here. Basically he asked what I wouldn't want to encounter in this workplace)

1 Answer

If you see an owner trying, but struggling to get their dog in the car, how would you help the situation so that no one gets hurt?

1 Answer

Why petsmart?

1 Answer
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