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What is your experience with dogs? What would you do if a dog fight broke out? Are there any breeds/sizes of dogs you're uncomfortable with? Also, because I was switching from a full-time career in mortgage, to work part-time at the PetHotel, I got several questions regarding my reasoning. They just wanted to make sure I wasn't taking the job only to quit 3 weeks later if I found a full-time job in mortgage.

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My experience with dogs was mostly personal (I grew up with dogs of all sizes/breeds). I also made sure to point out that I had experience watching friends/family member's dogs and specified the breeds so they knew I was comfortable with different sizes and that other people trusted me with their pets. As for the dog fight question, I didn't have prior experience with that and told them I would notify them asap and follow their policy. I answered that I am comfortable with all dog breeds because that is the truth. If you're not comfortable with certain breeds, be honest, but have a good reason. Don't say you don't like pitbulls just because of the stigma. It's better if you can express why rather than give a vague answer that implies you're ignorant. Several of my co-workers (even a manager) were uncomfortable with large dogs and certain breeds but they still got hired because management was willing to work around that. Just be honest so you're not put in a situation that could be dangerous for you or the dog.

Most were pretty simple and just common sense. "What would you do if a customer asked a question and you didn't know the answer?"

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Do you own any pets yourself, and, if so, what species/breed?

Why do you want to work here? Do you shop here? Do you have any pets at home? What is your expected salary?

I was not asked ONE interview question. Shot the breeze the whole hour about my previous job and how much I made doing that, etc. I felt as though I wasn't getting the job and was being talked out of applying for that position from the beginning of the interview.

Are there any breeds that you're uncomfortable handling?

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there weren't any unexpected questions it's the standard: why do you want to work here? What would you do if a dog got sick? Are you okay working holidays? How are you with heavy paperwork?

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