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Pet Groomer was asked...April 20, 2013

How would you handle a unsatisfied customer

3 Answers

I will sincerely apologize to let him know that although I worked hard to fulfill her request, I still could not satisfy her and asked her what I could help. It is possible to ask my other work partners for help, to provide useful advice, to meet her requirements without affecting the next customer appointment. If there is not enough time, I will ask the manager for help to see if I can send her some free items or coupons, or re-schedule. If the client does not believe that my ability can be what she imagined, then it may be necessary to replace other colleagues to help him solve the problem and serve her. Less

I would apologize and do everything in my power to provide a better service to which the customer will give a positive feedback. Less

I would have to revert to my customer service training and experience and determine what the customer is unsatisfied with and direct the customers attention to the appropriate personal that will best resolve the issue Less

Oh My Dog! Grooming Spa

How long have I been grooming

1 Answers

At the time I was a groomer for 4 years


Do you like working weekends, nights and holidays? What breed of dog is your least favorite. Name one thing about yourself that you need to work on.

1 Answers

(Funny) Nobody does but that's the only way you will make money as a groomer. Acceptable answers: Yorkie's, Extremely Large Hairy Dogs That Wont Fit On Table or In Cage, German Shepard Dogs, Ones that bite. I am a very very hard of a worker which thankfully I am never over worked because I take one 1 week vacation a year and usually in February or March to stay out of the busy seasons. Less

Pet Groomer was asked...February 26, 2018

If I had experience

1 Answers



Self explanitory asked basic knowledge of grooming and saftey asked for proof of qualifications and reson for applying.

1 Answers

I knew how to do the job already, had all the equiptment paid for already.


Petco is shifting their focus to still providing excellent products for animals, but now they want to increase customer service, would that be difficult for you?

1 Answers

Not at all. Unhappy customers don't bring their pets to us but those who have a great customer experience will keep coming back and tell their friends. Less

Alachua County Humane Society
Pet Groomer was asked...September 24, 2016

Do you have experience in taking care of animals?

1 Answers

Yes I have had cats and dogs and currently own a Great Pyrenees


Why do you want to work for Petco?

1 Answers

I love animals of all kinds especially dogs and love the atmosphere in Petco. I also love what petco does with the animal adoptions finding shelter pets a home. Less

Pet Supplies Plus

What experience did I have in the pet industry?

1 Answers

I am an experienced and practicing pet groomer. I have knowledge in retail in small shops. I had never worked in a big box store so I did not have large retail experience but I knew canine and feline food lines from a small shop I had managed. Less

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