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Inventory and Pricing Department Manager was asked...June 8, 2016

How would you describe your management abilities?

1 Answers

As the manager of ______ , I took initive and lead of many projects. I had implemented many new ways to complete truck faster and more efficiently. I also took my employees thoughts and concerns to heart and tried to rectify any grievances immediately to avoid turnovers. Less

Analyst was asked...January 5, 2012

How would you direct someone else on how to cook an omelet.

20 Answers

[Listen to the question} I would direct them to, advising to search for "Best omelet recipe." [As a manager, never do the work if someone else has already done it.] Less

Verbally ;-)

Try using eggs

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What experience do you have with animals?

4 Answers

I have interned at a veterinary clinic , worked as a kennel technician, and am going to veterinary school. Less

I volunteered at a shelter,i grew up woth mastiffs mostly every one i know has some kind of animla from a snake to a dog,i also own a tabby that i adopted. Less

I volunteered at the Washington zoo when the pandas first came to washington D.C. an I’ve had all kind of pets dogs cats rabbits hamster fish hurmit crabs an chickens Less

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They asked me if I suffered from depression and what would occur if I got depressed? They also ask me if I would get angry and go off on customers.

3 Answers

Isn't that illegal to ask an interviewee that?

I would say isn't that illegal for you to ask this. It is my personal business if I suffer from any mental disorders and no I would not go off on a customer because I have enough self control not to do that in any circumstance! Less

I suffer from a mental disorder so I started crying. I did answer the question and informed them that I did suffer from depression but I was taking medications to help me. I did not inform them what was my mental disorder. Less


Unexpected question was if you had dogs fighting in the store what you do in that scenario.

3 Answers

First thing first is stay calm. Most dogfights only last a few seconds.Make as much noise as I can can for example stomping, clapping hands, etc. With my dogs when they get into in I usually get a cup of water and throw it at them this gets there attention. I’ll for something to divide the dogs away from each other like a large piece of cardboard or Throw blanket over them I know that sounds silly but it works Less

.....And I just love working and being around dogs.So I know a thing or two about working with these animals Less

I asked my best friend the answer to this question since she works at a doggie hotel as a manager. The answer is to try and prevent the fight in the first place, and tell them that you have an understanding of the signals a dog gives off when it's mad - hair raising, C shaped mouth (front closed teeth showing), low growls, are all clear signs that a fight my break out. Try distracting the dog to lose its focus away from the fight. Pull them away from each other but away from their faces so you don't get hurt. Less


I was asked to explain the nitrogen cycle, identify four freshwater live bearers, identify four types of tetras, explain how a hydrometer works, and determine the best temperature for an aquarium.

3 Answers

Basic questions!

This is stuff you should know in order to property care for fish or for that matter sell them. Less

If you could not answer these basic questions, that is why didn't get a job offer! LOL! Less


Really nothing too hard but see eye to eye with the hiring manager and have good drive.

3 Answers

how long have you been looking for a job?

what is the starting pay?



If you were a cartoon who would it be and why?

2 Answers

bubbles because she caring and loves animals.

Eliza Thornberry because she talks to animals. Loves animals. Has a pet chimpanzee and loves yellow (my favorite color). Less


Are you good with walking up and talking to people?

2 Answers

Yes, I used to be a secretary and I don't mind talking to new people.

Yes. I love talking to people and I'm vary sociable I'd go up to anyone and start talking Less


Do you have any pets?

2 Answers

I have a lot

I have always had a lot of animals growing up ,3 birds I’ve had ruby a black lab Benny witch was a boxer a long with rocky a boxer also and now I have Willy who’s now 3 years old and I have sally a American bull dog who is either 9 or 10 not quite sure bc we rescued her . I’ve had Guinea pigs and fish , a rabbit and a lizard Less

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