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pharmacy Interview Questions

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"A customer is buying cans of vegetables that are ringing up at $0.75, but she insists they were on sale for $0.35. What would you do?"

4 Answers

They want you to just take the customers word and change the price without question for things like this, so long as it's within $3. If it's more than that you should call someone to check the price on the item, if it's less, they don't care.

Ask for help to get a price check and tell the customer it will be quick.

I will call the manager and they can help me to do something about like changing price.

Give the 5 steps prior to detaining a shoplifter.

2 Answers

If a customer had a complaint about an employees conduct how would you handle the situation?

2 Answers

Why should I pick you over someone who is already licensed to be a Pharmacy Technician?

2 Answers

describe a situation where you did not have enough information and you had to make a decision?

1 Answer

Describe when you lead a team or group and what worked well.

2 Answers

Name a time you observed, or were involved in a safety related situation.

1 Answer

When a customer complains about how long they had to wait, which can sometimes happen when there is not enough people working, how would you handle talking to this customer?

1 Answer

Largest Citrix and EPIC Deployments I had designed and managed

1 Answer

If you were asked to, would you break Union rules if directed to do so by Management?

2 Answers
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