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pharmacy Interview Questions

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Tell me how you would scale a social media software platform?

3 Answers

I didn't have a good answer for this one.

Its such a tricky question. I guess its by the analytic we use to know the page views and all..

Try to define "scale", ask for clarifications. Are we trying to scale to more users or to more ad providers? Are there any current bottlenecks? What is the goal here? How about we improve the experience by providing more relevant ads? etc...

"A customer is buying cans of vegetables that are ringing up at $0.75, but she insists they were on sale for $0.35. What would you do?"

4 Answers

Give the 5 steps prior to detaining a shoplifter.

1 Answer

If a customer had a complaint about an employees conduct how would you handle the situation?

2 Answers

Why should I pick you over someone who is already licensed to be a Pharmacy Technician?

2 Answers

describe a situation where you did not have enough information and you had to make a decision?

1 Answer

Describe when you lead a team or group and what worked well.

2 Answers

Name a time you observed, or were involved in a safety related situation.

1 Answer

When a customer complains about how long they had to wait, which can sometimes happen when there is not enough people working, how would you handle talking to this customer?

1 Answer

Largest Citrix and EPIC Deployments I had designed and managed

1 Answer
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