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pharmacy Interview Questions

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Describe a time when you dealt with a disgruntled customer, how did you resolve the situation?

1 Answer

How would you add diversity to the work environment and your job as a nurse?

How do you work with a team when there are differing opinions as to how to proceed?

1 Answer

"Solve a maze", you have a 2D matrix with 1's as blocked and 0's as path. Find a path from one corner to another, backtracking should be allowed.

7 Answers

What do you know about Walmart?

5 Answers

There is a lost child, an over flowing sink ink the bathroom, an angry guest at the service desk, and the big head bosses just walked in the door. What would you do?

6 Answers

Describe a situation where you made a mistake

4 Answers

Why did you have a gap in your employment record?

4 Answers

What is your greatest weakness?

3 Answers
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