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Just a basic interview with the regular type questions and getting to know your personality.

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Just answered in general with each question that was asked.

What was the activity or procedure that you have not followed? What did you do abut it and what was the outcome.

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What would I do when one of the staff is not following the procedure?

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How do you motivate yourself when you are being discouraged by others?

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Name a situation where you had a group project in which you were the leader and needed to motivate your peers to accomplish the task. What would you do if they did not contribute?

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Why are you coming to Safeway? When can you start ? Can you commute? and would you take a drug test ? Sorry, but not much more, nothing out of the norm.

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Different Pharmacy Situations.

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Describe a situation in which you had to decide whether to accept or reject a recommendation. What did you decide, and why? What happened? Descrie a process that keeps track of matters that require your attention. Tell me about a time when you collaborated with others on a project and had to assimilate many viewpoints.

The most difficult one was about your integrity.

Three different questions on team building and how you achieved certain outcomes.

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