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How would you handle an irate or unruly customer? (Not very difficult, but be honest, it matters.)

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This is not necessarily a difficult question if you give it any genuine thought, however, be honest. If you're NOT great at customer service, and can't handle anyone who is less than pleasant, say so--There are customers like this daily. My response was along the lines of: "With a smile. Kill them with kindness. Take their rude comments and ignore everything but the issue they're dealing with and address it with pleasure. I don't take it personally, because it is not personal between them and I, it's personal FOR them. I'll do the very best I can, with all of the tools at my disposal, to address whatever is causing their angst, apologize for the inconvenience, and afterward, thank them for their patience, understanding, and for choosing CVS for all of their pharmacy needs."

This is brilliant, thank you, and thank you for this awesome review!

Not much, it seemed to be more personal questions then job related ones.

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If a patient is prescribed 24 pills and is supposed to take 1 pill every 6 hours, how many days will this medication last? ( she gave me time and let me use a pen, paper, and calculator if I wanted to)

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I was asked to tell a little bit about myself and my work history.

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How do you feel working in a busy environment?

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Why did you choose pharmacy?

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Why Cvs?

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How long of a commitment I could make to the company.

Tell me about a time you went out of your way to help someone?

Can you also play more of a sales role as well?

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