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Loma Linda University Health
Pharmacy Technician II was asked...August 24, 2013

The interview process was essentially an internship there, where I was trained and observed by middle-upper management.

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Are you familiar with the Geisinger Health System?

1 Answers

I am a patient with Geisinger, I am familiar with how most of the system works


How well do you handle conflict and stressful situations?

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Be mindful of preceptions and keep a professional attitide towards conflict between coworkers. In a stressful situation keep the task at hand in mind and focus on your role in a resolution. Less

Magellan Health

What was an instance where you went above and beyond for a patient?

1 Answers

I told them about how I went out of my way to get a script to a pt.

Emory Healthcare

The questions were very simple things about how you behave and handle certain situations. How do you handle things that are out of your control? Have you ever been a part of a team where someone isn't holding their own weight? Describe a time when you acted quickly? Describe a difficult situation and how you handled it?


Asked how long i have been a pharmacy tech.

Emory Healthcare

How do you deal with conflict

Emory Healthcare

Tell us about a time where you found a problem with a process and how you went about fixing it.

Boston Children's Hospital

What are your future plans moving forward in terms of school?

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