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Research Analyst Interview Questions in Philadelphia, PA


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What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

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It depends on how you define risk, from my point of view, I see the biggest risk Ive made as making the biggest decision of my life while not being certain of the outcome. This risk was deciding to completely quit working and load up rigorous class schedules an make the sacrifice of not being able to fully support myself as before. The outcome was amazing as I learned to be confident and decide my own outcomes by attaining a state of mind that no one could alter!

I was asked about my current projects and modeling techniques ysed.

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Do you have a lot of experience with Microsoft Powerpoint?

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use a prior experience to describe your research skills

There was never really a difficult question, but be sure you know your resume up and down and can speak thoughtfully about everything.

They asked basic interview questions. Describe your current role and how it would fit into the position we are looking to fill. How well is your programming knowledge and do you write code now? what would your current supervisor say if we asked how your work ethic is?

If you have two coins, one is a fair coin and other is with two heads. If you get a coin and flip it, then if you know that is head, what is the probability that this coin is the fair one.

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