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Receptionist Interview Questions in Philippines

Receptionists will be asked to take on a number of clerical roles in the office, including answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and working face-to-face with customers. Employers are looking for candidates with excellent organizational skills and who knows how to maintain a positive, helpful attitude in the workplace. In an interview you may be asked about any bookkeeping or scheduling experience you have. Be prepared with personal anecdotes about instances when you assuaged a frustrated customer or worked around a scheduling conflict.

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Simple questions tell me about yourself, past employment and expected salary if you expect high salary don't apply to their company because they will not give it and they will not call you anymore training rate for 1 month 350 or as long as you submit all the requirements your salary will transfer to minimum then weekly sc but not so big. If you will read all the reviews of there restaurant branch all the reviews are not good bad management, etc... Because some of their employees are resigning always new employees or staff.

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Final interview for the General Manager!! Actually, you'll have interview in his E.A not in the General Manager. The GM is listening only and only her E.A will do the interview and the GM will ask questions if you are "girl". HUH!! Bad management at all and the interview is not professional at all.

my work experience

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Those questions that they asking me were all about on the updated curriculum vitae that i submitted to them personally.

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