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Phlebotomist Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a position as a phlebotomist, expect to answer questions about your experience drawing blood, knowledge of medical equipment, and methods of calming down nervous or anxious patients. To put your skills to to the test, your interviewer may even ask you to draw blood on the spot. Before applying, make sure you've earned your phlebotomy certification from an accredited agency."

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What color tube do you use to draw a CBC test?

3 Answers

You use a Lavender tube

Lavender tube

I am using a lavender tube for CBC test.

How would you handle a patient that is disgruntled about services rendered?

2 Answers

I was asked to do a blood draw on my interviewer to prove my skills.

1 Answer

Do I mind having to stick someone twice if need be ?

4 Answers

Why would you want to work here? Name a situation in the past where a problem occurred and how you ha feels it? Are you available to work on holidays and weekends?

4 Answers

Which tube do you draw a CBC?

4 Answers

What would you do if a coworker wanted to leave early and asked you to punch them out?

3 Answers

What do expect from our company.

3 Answers

Would you be able to work the desire hours?

3 Answers

Do you draw below or above an IV insertion?

3 Answers
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