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Actuary Interview Questions in Phoenix, AZ


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A new and very expensive cure for an illness people on Medicaid sometimes have and how I would approach the way to price including this cure into how states pay for Medicaid

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I provided them with several options. They thought the answer was well thought out.

Well, what did you answer then?

Why do you want to work here/move to Phoenix?

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What do you hope to achieve by working for Mercer?

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Name a time you were able to overcome a miscommunication and set things straight.

One guy asked me how many dogs I estimated that there were in Tucson.

1. How many gallons are contained in all the swimming pools in Phoenix? 2. What does a Vlookup do? 3. What macros have you made? 4. Would you see yourself in a team environment like this one? Use evidence. 5. Would you see yourself in a dynamic workplace? Use evidence. 6. What is your proficiency in Excel? 7. Tell me more about your past mathematical modeling positions. 8. Tell us about actuarial exams.

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