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Tell me about the negative things on your last performance review.

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That's where you dance around that question, like how does this relate to the job I'm asked to do..and should I be concerned? Looks like you were the guy they interviewed right after me. Very similar experience here.

I know the person asking the question. I can tell you the answer... do NOT avoid the question. It is not meant as a trap. It is a matter of perspective. Everyone has some negatives, or something they should work on. Pick out something that you have been working on, and tell a story about how it has improved. If you say either "everything is great" or make up something like "I outwork all of my peers"... the interviewer will see through that.

Applications questions concerning working out of area of degree in electronics and how I will succeed.

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The most difficult question was to explain the time vs voltage graph of a discharging capacitor. I wasn't expecting school related type textbook questions.

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How much I expected to get paid?

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1 math, matrix calculation, linear algebra. 2 matlab questions, if you use matlab, questions are basic and easy. 3 programming language, I choose C here, I was asked about pointer, memory allocation, basic concept. 4 signal processing, FFT, Nyquist theorem, DFT... power spectral 5 maybe your on-campus projects or thesis.

GRE level math questions in analytical sections and questions related to MATLAB and C++ in coding round

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Tell me about one of your projects. Where are you studying? Why did you choose your major? What do you know about the company? Do you have any questions?

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In the HR phone call, they asked all the basic questions like will yo be requiring sponsorship or not?, What challenges you have faced in your projects and how did you remedy them? Explain anyone of the projects in non-technical way and so on..

First question was to explain the policy. They asked me how would I conduct a conference. How would I work with a person who doesn't like me. What do I know about the resources and if I don't know what would I do to know about the resources. Then towards the end they ask you general questions like can you work after 5 and on weekends sometimes. Describe what professional dress attire is to you and do you agree with it. Do you have reliable transportation .