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Electrical Engineer Interview Questions in Phoenix, AZ

"When entering an electrical engineering interview, be prepared to answer a lot of technical questions that will evaluate your problem-solving skills and fundamental understanding of engineering and physics. The precise questions you will be asked will depend heavily on the type of role you're applying for, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the company and its line of work ahead of time. To ace your interview, come ready to tackle behavioral questions your ability to excel on a team and manage difficult projects."

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Was asked technical engineering questions. They were looking for my best fit so I got some software programming questions.

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Answered them based on my previous experience and technical skills.

Rate your skills in a variety of areas from 1 to 5.

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Whether I had any experience designing hybrids or MMICs.

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All questions were routine, accomplishments in prior jobs such as cost savings and behaviors in completing these tasks. Behavior questions of dealing with difficult people to work with, drugs, drinking and violence in the work place and how to deal with them.

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Explain your projects and relevant experience !