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Marketing Interview Questions in Phoenix, AZ

Marketing positions cover a variety of roles, ranging from technical market analysis to creative storytelling. If interviewing for an analytical role, expect to answer statistical questions about market trends and patterns. If interviewing for a non-technical role, focus on highlighting your strong written and oral communication skills as well as your experience running compelling campaigns.

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Word for word: What would make you so crazy, crazy that you would want to kill someone??

3 Answers

I've personally never ever experienced those feelings throughout my entire career/life.

Questions that have no clear purpose but to demonstrate latent violent characterisitics in the interviewer, and seek to elicit the same in the applicant, are pointless. Surely, you wouldn't expect me to blurt out, "STUPID QUESTIONS! AND, STUPID PEOPLE! I WANT TO KILL STUPID PEOPLE WITH THEIR STUPID QUESTIONS!" Now, would you?

If it is proven someone openly and clearly commits, plans, is able and is in the process of killing, and will certainly without any doubt kill me or another without justification unless killed and I am the only one with the capability to kill that someone.

What have you ever done technical? (not unexpected but condescending unless BSEE and/or MSEE ask this a lot)

2 Answers

What is your experience in the aerospace industry?

1 Answer

Can post ads from my personal LinkedIn account?

1 Answer

How have you handled a difficult situation with a member of Sr. Management?

1 Answer

Why did you apply for this position?

1 Answer

Why should I hire you?

1 Answer

What brought you to us?

1 Answer

Why did you separate employment with your previous company?

1 Answer

Do you know why we want to start everyone at entry level positions ?

1 Answer
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