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Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions in Phoenix, AZ

"In comparison to registered nurses, nurse practitioners have advanced education and training that grants them greater autonomy to practice. As nurse practitioners are required to have a Master of Science in Nursing degree, be ready to discuss your formal education as well as your area of specialization. You can also expect to answer typical patient care questions, such as handling upset patients and collaborating with other doctors and nurses. Be sure to research your state's nursing laws, as some states require that nurse practitioners work under the supervision of a physician while others do not."

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Tell me about a time you experienced something unethical or unprofessional in the workplace. How did you handle it? And what was the outcome

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I witnessed a nurse try to drag out her break past her allotted time even though a patient was in need of help. I notified our supervisor and she was disciplined accordingly.

Critical thinking scenarios

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They follow a standard interview questionnaire. They did ask specific dosing for amoxicillin in kids and they require you to state you would test for strep with the rapid antigen test, and not give a viral pharyngitis an antibiotic.

describe a time you went above and beyond the call of duty for your job?