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Sales Executive Interview Questions in Phoenix, AZ

"Sales executives bring their experience in sales to create relationships with clients, identify product improvements, and close deals for the company. Prepare for your interview by outlining stressful situations you've handled, identifying the compelling features of a company's product, and analyzing how you build long term client relationships. In addition, you should expect to be required to give a sales pitch to the employer."

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Help me understand case studies for this type of position...

2 Answers

Technology companies

Pharmaceutical companies

I am the owner of Mike's Pizza and I do not want to buy an ad. What should you do in this situation?

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Why FedEx

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Are you self driven

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Whether I would be willing to stay long term.

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normal HR stuff, nothing out of the ordinary

Not much time provided between first and second interview to prepare. Company over hires, appears they are always looking for replacement sales people

How would I feel if my salary got decreased because I didn't hit my numbers?

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I was taken to lunch by two Managers. I thought it was a thank you for paying to fly myself in for the interviews. Not only did I not get to eat my lunch but I was downloaded for leads and contacts from my previous job. I asked the female manager what she was doing on her iPhone and she said she was entering new leads. OMG. These people weren't out to hire me they just wanted to use me for information. I had already had five interviews that day and four or five before I even came to town. This was the most blazon and outwardly low class thing to do.

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