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Are you comfortable working in a team format?

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Didn't get that far! Phone interview was set up, then their on-staff recruiter canceled by email(!) just a few hours before the appointment. She never rescheduled; I had to chase her down a week later to learn that job was now "on hold" with no timetable. Now I'm quite tenured in work matters, but this one is a record for a quick and mysterious reversal! Immediately after, I officially withdrew my interest in this clown outfit; while waiting for the illustrious recruiter for the reschedule that never came, I had checked out reviews of the co. here and on Indeed, and it all made sorry sense. Run away!

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Asked me about my job history and what I like most about my previous jobs and what I liked least. Then She asked why did I want to work for Citibank and what I would bring to the company.

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You could meet your financial goals in life one of two ways. You win the lottery, you didn't earn it and don't deserve it, but lose it due to mismanagement in a couple years time. Second option is you work very hard to meet your goals but fail. Which scenario would you prefer?

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This is a no taboos do you feel about 'age' play?

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Why Wells Fargo?

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describe a situation....... name a time when........

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He asked if I had kids?

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Why do I want the job? Some skill questions about tech support.

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"When can you start?"

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