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Name a time when you excepted blame for something you didn't do..

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maybe they didn't hire you because you don't know how to spell the word Believe.

There are really no questions that are unexpected. The best advice I can give is to be very knowledgeable about the company and what they do because those questions will be presented during the interview process.

Explain a type that you witnessed a customer displaying questionable morals.

None.. it was all computer based and no interaction was required outside of "What is your name?" what a waste.

None. They were just typical questions worded differently.

They asked what you have done to solve a problem past at a job under pressure . They asked what you have done in a social situation where you disagreed with something .

Think of a time you had to handle a difficult customer and what steps did you make to turn things around?

Nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected. General questions about job expectations, work ethics, previous experience with call centers and customer service.

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