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Are you willing to work weekends, holidays, and overnight shifts? Tell me about a time that you resolved an issue for an unhappy customer. Do you multitask well? Can you keep up in a face paced work environment? Can you lift heavy objects? Are you willing to participate in charity community functions with other store associates on your free time? What is your definition of happy and healthy? How can you use your past experiences to benefit you in this new environment?

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Just say YES...

Yes. Anytime

You have to be able to give examples of how you have handled different situations in the workplace in the past.

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They only asked situational questions and my manager had made up his own. An item is on sale for $.99 and is usually $2.50. A customer picks it up and before they ring out, they decide they don't want it anymore. They place it in a spot that says it's $.39. That customer pays and leaves the store. The next customer in line sees the product that is usually $2.50 to $.39 and goes "wow! what a great deal!" They pick it up and bring it to you. You scan it, ring it up, and the total comes out to $1.07 with tax. The person says "no, this was $.39" And you follow them to where they found it and see it was in the wrong spot. You explain to them that someone must have left it there on accident but the customer refuses to pay the $1. As this is going on your line has grown to 5 people. As an associate, you aren't allowed to make any price changes unless you have the manager's approval. So you call over the manager and she says "i'm too busy, handle it yourself." And by this time your line has grown to 20 people.

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Why did i want to work for walgreens

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If you were working in the photo department and a customer came inside the store, and you were busy working with a customer as well as expecting a phone call, how would you respond?

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Why do you want to work at Walgreens?

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Describe a time in your past work or life experience where you met by a difficult decision, and how did you over come that obstacle?

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How did you act when you dealt with a rude customer.

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You have been asking questions on what kind of camera the customer wants and the customer said...just give me a camera...why are you asking so many questions?

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Have you ever helped someone who couldn't help themselves?

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