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Photography interview questions

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Do you do any recreational drugs?

3 Answers

Comment: Was given the option to "pass" or decline answering a question, but a pass to them clearly implied "yes," which is just not right.

this question is why some have policies for testing your urine for drugs.

I like to keep focus and control and doing drugs limit you ability to do both.

Are you comfortable around children that can be difficult due to being sleepy or hungry that would come in for a portrait session?

2 Answers

What would you do if a screaming child is in here and the mother is smacking him to be quiet?

1 Answer

The question that seems to catch everyone off guard is "Tell me about yourself. Who are YOU?"

1 Answer

What editing software do I use?

1 Answer

How would you grow the business?

1 Answer

what are your biggest challenges?

1 Answer

Tell me of a customers situation in which you could not make them happy and how you remedied that , what was the out come and what did yo learn from it.

1 Answer

Tell me a time when a customer was very difficult.

1 Answer

How long have you been editing?

1 Answer
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