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Diebold Nixdorf
Physical Security Technician was asked...November 20, 2014

If you were trapped in the bottom of a blender, how would you get out?

2 Answers

Since I carry a blade with me at all times I would jam my blade into the motor. While it's binding I use my legs and arms to walk up the cylinder to get out. Less

What model is it? If it was a Kitchenaid, I would wait 180 hours until the motor burnt out them climb out. Less

Tuesday Morning

How I dealt with a group of diverse employees in a 24 hour environment.

1 Answers

Individually as needed and coached and mentored as a group.


what are your personal weaknesses

1 Answers

I was honest in stating that I tend to be very hard on myself


Questions are focused around their leadership principles, it's been a while so I don't remember them exactly

1 Answers

Not well enough to get an offer :D

BNY Mellon

What my salary expectations were for the position.

1 Answers

I gave figure of my expectations, however I was not able to negotiate salary.


Typical interview questions. Nothing too crazy.

1 Answers

General answers using experience.

Lockheed Martin

This was a very relaxed interview. The hiring manger had some prepared question but he was comfortable with my experience and my knowledge of the subject matter. Most of the interview was a exploration to structure the offer. He had an interest in my experience in the Army.

1 Answers

I exceeded their expectation and the position was open. I believe it was a good time for us to meet. Less

US Navy

What can you bring to this company?

1 Answers

My vast experience and expertise can be of a useful asset to this company.

Agile Defense

What is my Experience, availability, willingness to change contracts, positions, etc

1 Answers

Very willing, if Pay, Benefits, and Position met criteria for change

Allied Universal

Do you have any customer service experience? Tell us about a situation where you had to handle an angry customer.

1 Answers

Yes on light rail transit security officer . Look for all options de-escalate the situation. With calm cool collective show them that you are concerned and ask them if there ok and what you can do to elivate the problem that he having and assure them of his concern Less

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