Physical Therapist Interview Questions

Physical Therapist Interview Questions

"Employers hiring physical therapists are looking for certified candidates who are knowledgeable about the human body and eager to improve their clients' conditions. In an interview, you may be tested on how you would go about providing treatment for particular physical conditions or how you would encourage reluctant patients. Employers want physical therapists who live by the values they instill in the clinic, and leading an active lifestyle will reassure them that you are the right candidate for the job. Any experience working in clinics or with the elderly is a plus. Employers may require you to have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree if you do not already possess a master's or bachelor's degree in physical therapy."

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Baptist Health System KY & IN
Physical Therapist Assistant was asked...June 27, 2013

What would you do if a patient you had been working with started refusing to work with you.

2 Answers

I would question the patient as to why they were refusing treatment with me, and then give them the option of working with another therapist. Less

Try to find out if a specific thing is bothering the patient and if it can be changed. If it cannot be changed or the patient is not able to explain the problem then have the patient switched to another therapist if possible. Less

Flagship Rehabilitation

Are you physically fit and how much do you exercise?

1 Answers

6 days/wk

Athena Health Care Systems

What was my greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses working with a geriatric population

1 Answers

That I had infinite patience helping these elderly patients and if I had questions I was not hesitant to ask specific questions regarding their care and how best to work with them. Less

CORA Physical Therapy

No real interview questions about my skill set or anything else other than what I was willing to do.

8 Answers

I am looking forward to working with your Hospital .

Need to hear from you .

Call me for Interview .

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Why do I want to work in a Carespring/Skilled Nursing setting; how do I want to make a difference; What is my experience; have I worked in a LTC setting? Am I a follower or a leader?

5 Answers

Can't recall

I prefer to continue my career in LTC setting. I like the surrounding area of Fairborn. One of my nurse colleagues worked there Less

I am a senior leader in Physical Therapy.

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Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres

present your self why you want to work with us what you know about medcare hospital waht s your current salary more the time of interview was negociation about salary they care most how to reduce the salary they don t care about skills and years of experience

4 Answers

Im the master of reflexology and most kinda a massage s i have lot of sertificate and i was private therapist of Socar petrolium company owner Rovnag Abdullayev of Azerbeycan so just if you wana bets of best about masages and hammam im here i dont care money its easy thing important is work what you wil get !!! sure you dont vana pay for naatting i can come just for a test my self you can see my quality after we can dieal if you have Vip guest i know how to sell ever thing ;) end massage my life !! Less

Since graduation, I have worked in this field of pediatric rehabilitation and Iam eager to make life better for those awesome children . Its not all about money but it is to make these children and their relatives happier. Less

I am obsessed with physical therapy, especially pediatrics and sports injuries. I like to see the change and the joy of patients when they recover, and I like to see new cases to increase my experience, and I hope to get a chance to work in a hospital of your size. Thank you Less

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William Osler Health System

You are walking a patient, and someone else requires your immediate help. What do you do?

3 Answers

I want to help that person first

I want to help that person first

If I can safely transfer the patient back to their room to be able to help, I would. Otherwise, I would suggest the other individual find someone else to help. Less

Team Rehabilitation

How would you handle a situation where an MD was unhappy with the patients care at your facility?

3 Answers

First review my patient file to see our progress. Call the MD and listen and discuss if applicable. Promise and start to solve any issue with my patient care. Less

Discuss any needed details with my supervisor and then with my patient regarding any changes that may occur to their treatment plans. Less

In case of any mistakes, apologies to any involved person.

Aegis Therapies

Would you be willing to give up weekends and work Sunday through Thursday, work Tuesday through Saturday?

3 Answers





What is your area of specialty with the most experience? In regards to patient population most seen and have the greatest interest in.

2 Answers

Geriatrics with specifics on stroke rehabilitation. Internship with a stroke rehab lab. Less

Yes, i accepted

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