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Physical therapy aide Interview Questions

"As a physical therapy aide, you'll work under the supervision of a physical therapist to help provide additional support to recovering patients. Employers are looking for patient and compassionate individuals who are eager to learn. PT aides work closely with other therapists and assistants, so make sure to highlight your team working skills. While obtaining a license is not required to practice as an aide, it will give you a competitive edge to have one."

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The gave me a scenario of having a phone ring, a timer go off to take a patient off of electrical stimulation, and a new patient coming in to schedule an evaluation appointment...they asked me how I would handle the situation if I was by myself

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I would first take the patient off of electrical stimulation. Then, I would ask the the patient at the for a moment while I answer the phone. I would ask the customer on the phone if I can put him on hold. I would then help the patient at the front and answer the phone after he leaves.

Inform the patient you are going to quickly answer the phone, taking the callers name, number and reason for calling, let them know you have an ongoing appointment with a client and that they will be hearing from someone at your office in the next 24 hr or asap (Don't say asap). Then tend to patient on the Electric Stim. Finally, return the call once your current patient is taken care of.

If a patient is on electrical stimulation, the aide is not suppose to touch the e-stem unit. A licenses therapist is suppose to do this, just in case something were to happen.

How well do you work on a team?

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What are some skills that you can bring to the table?

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I was specifically asked how I can be the best candidate for the job I am applying?

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How do you interact with patients?

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Have you worked in a physical therapy clinic before? Or have you ever had physical therapy before?

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Will I show up for every shift

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Do you have any prior experience with physical therapy? If so where?

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Along the lines of, how do you talk to someone who is angry or upset or just not working well with you?

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Do you work well under pressure/hectic conditions?

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