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Business Systems Analyst Interview Questions in Pittsburgh, PA

"Business systems analysts work closely with a company's IT systems to optimize operations and maximize its business performance. Employers are looking for candidates with a combination of excellent IT and communication skills as well as an understanding of how the company conducts its business. In preparation for an interview, be ready to discuss your ability to manage multiple projects at once, offer advice around resource allocation, and influence clients to follow your recommendations."

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The questions were not difficult, but they did ask "what do you know about banking," which is a very vague question, and the answer can go in many directions.

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Since I was interviewing for a technical role, I mentioned the basics of banking, but also that it was moving in a technical direction, like mobile banking.

What would you change about your work, to make your work experience better?

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I was asked very general questions, such as "tell me about ____ on your resume" or "tell me about yourself in 30 seconds". I prepared 2 questions to ask the managers, one of which was "how has the merger 3 years ago between Bank of New York and Mellon Financial impacted the direction or nature of your work?"

Both asked a series of /behavioral-type/ interview questions. For example: describe a time where where you had to make a difficult decision that turned out wrong, describe how you, in the past, handled a difficult co-worker, and describe a situation in which you implemented process improvements. The questions were quite challenging.

general situation based questions. technical questions and previous project related questions

As a Business Systems Analyst, you often must direct conversations between divergent groups. For example, a typical meeting may include you having to take input from line of business representatives (non-technical) and helping formulate/communicate their needs to Application Developers (exclusively technical). How do you ensure effective communication in such a scenario?

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Give an example of a time I had to work with a very short deadline.

How could our virtual wallet smartphone application be improved?