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Financial Controller Interview Questions in Pittsburgh, PA

"Financial controllers are hired for their management skills, attention to detail, and experience in forecasting and budgeting. During an interview, prepare to answer questions that test your financial knowledge, your understanding of your job duties, and how in depth you have looked into the company. In addition, you may have to role-play situations where you have to use your customer service skills to appease an angry customer or fulfill a potential client's wishes. Ultimately, employers are looking for candidates who are solid team players and can juggle many projects at once."

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Very little specific information about the position was offered beforehand, so I had to do all of my own research. This made it difficult to prepare for specific questions.

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I feel that it is unprofessional to ask someone to come in for an interview on their own time and at their own expense, and then never get back to them with an answer.

It felt more like a conversation sharing some particulars about my experience.